UV Sterilizer 15W Cami
UV Sterilizer 15W Cami

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UV Sterilizer 15W Cami

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  • Violet is a germicidal system which uses an ultraviolet germicidal lamp
  • This Violet maintains sterility of instruments and small disposables after sterilization in an autoclave or similar type of sterilization unit
  • Stainless steel body
  • Inexpensive, reliable, safe, easy operation and maintenance


  • Overall Dimensions: 15W – 270mm x 215mm x 495mm
  • Types: DC510000 – VIOLET 15W
  • Absorbed Power: 15W
  • Fuse: 2 x 1Amp
  • Optional Accessories: 15 Watt Lamp
  • Grill for Germicidal Lamp