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Plaster Roll ElasticPlaster Roll Elastic
Plaster Roll Elastic
Sale priceFrom R 5.19 Regular priceR 6.62
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Bandage Crepe 50mm x 4.5m Bandage Crepe 75mm x 4.5m
Bandage Crepe
Sale priceFrom R 3.90 Regular priceR 7.04
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Plaster Strips - Hi CarePlaster Strips - Hi Care
Plaster Strips - Hi Care
Sale priceR 17.10 Regular priceR 21.78
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Paper Tape Non AllergenicPaper Tape Non Allergenic
Paper Tape Non-allergenic
Sale priceFrom R 1.30 Regular priceR 1.66
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Bandage Adhesive Elastic 2.5CM x 4.5M Bandage Adhesive Elastic 50mm x 4.5m
Bandage Adhesive Elastic
Sale priceFrom R 27.50
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Plaster Roll Zinc Oxide Plaster Roll Zinc Oxide
Plaster Roll Zinc Oxide
Sale priceFrom R 6.00 Regular priceR 19.88
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Bandage Cohesive
Bandage Cohesive
Sale priceR 11.36 Regular priceR 14.46
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Bandage POP
Bandage POP
Sale priceFrom R 6.70 Regular priceR 16.63
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Bandage conforming 50mm x 4.5mBandage Conforming 75mm x 4.5m
Bandage Conforming
Sale priceFrom R 1.65 Regular priceR 2.10
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First Aid Dressing No. 1First Aid Dressing No. 2
First Aid Dressing
Sale priceFrom R 1.40 Regular priceR 1.85
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Bandage Clips
Bandage Clips
Sale priceR 7.08 Regular priceR 9.00
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Plaster Adhesive Elastic
Plaster Adhesive Elastic
Sale priceR 14.63 Regular priceR 18.63
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Bandage Triangular Non-Woven - Hi-Care
Bandage Triangular Non-Woven - Hi-Care
Sale priceR 2.60 Regular priceR 3.40
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Tape Kinesiology Cotton
Tape Kinesiology Cotton
Sale priceFrom R 51.99 Regular priceR 66.17
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Triple D Plaster of Paris (POP) (6/12 per box)
Triple D 75G Red line crepe bandage (6 per box)
Cinesteam® Odour-reducing Secondary Wound Dressing - Pack of 12Cinesteam® Odour-reducing Secondary Wound Dressing - Pack of 12
Triple D Strapplast - Zinc oxide plaster (6/12 per box)
JVD Red line crepe bandage - 75G

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