Syringe Destroyer 800ml Manual

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  • NIL-SHARP does not require any electrical or battery power to operate. 
  • CUTS the needle and syringe in one single stroke. 
  • Stainless steel body having facility to mount on table or wall. 
  • Compact size makes it very convenient to use at all places. 
  • Comes fitted with sharp container meeting BMW requirements. 
  • No need to transfer the contaminated and hazardous waste. 
  • No repair or maintenance required. 
  • Very long and trouble free service life. 
  • Blades made of a special imported alloy for a very long life. 
  • Size: 800 ML 
  • Stops, reuse of syringe and needle. 
  • No electricity. 
  • No burning, no fumes. 
  • No noise, no smell. 


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