Surgical Suction Flovac - Liner 2L

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The disposable soft liner is made in polyethylene and is hermetically welded to a rigid lid inside which the hydrophobic, anti-reflux and antibacterial filter is placed. This filter also operates as overflow valve system deactivating suction whenever maximum fill capacity is reached. The liner has to be laced in its dedicated reusable and autoclavable Flovac rigid container in polycarbonate. Flovac systems replace therefore the use of the autoclavable jars decreasing the costs for cleaning and sterilization. A full line of accessories make Flovac line the ideal partner for collecting liquids and fluids. 

Flovac Liner Technical Features: 

  • Lid Material - HDPE (High Density polyethylene). 
  • Vacuum Part - Ø 8.0 - 9.2 mm with On-Off switch. 
  • Patient Part - Ø 14.0 - 15.5 (Ø 8.0-9.2 mm with elbow connector). 
  • Tandem Part - Ø 8.0 - 9.2 mm. 
  • Maximum suction value - 950 mbar (570 mm Hg). 
  • Maximum graduation interval - 50ml. 
  • Patient hose size - min Ø 6x9 mm (recommended Ø 8x11 mm L∞ 2.5 m max).
  • Supply hose size - min Ø 6x9 mm (recommended Ø 8x11 mm L∞ 1.8 m max).

Flovac Filter Technical Features: 

  • Filtration efficiency (typical) ->99.99999995% with particle size of 0.1µ.
  • Membrane - 100% expanded PTFE GORE™ Medical Membrane. 
  • Prefilter- Microfibreglass. 
  • Support - Non-woven PE/PES.


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