Sleep Apnea Meter AS100A

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AS100A can intelligently adjust treatment pressure according to the airway resistance change of patients with different body positions and different sleep stages to prevent the occurrence of apnea. 

  • Suitable for use - snore, obstructive sleep apnea syndrome, senile muscle relaxation. 
  • Silent - applying the research results of fluid mechanics, the noise for whole system is as low as 28dB, one can enjoy a quiet and comfortable sleep all night. 
  • Automatic adjustment intelligent and comfortable - according to airway resistance, compliance and each breathing airflow change of the patient, combined with ventilation history records, the treatment pressure is intelligently adjusted, so as to achieve precise and comfortable treatment experience. 
  • Portable - the entire machine is less than 1.3kgs, the main device and humidifier can be quickly separated and can easily meet the use for home and travel. 
  • Recognition of central sleep apnea events - accurately identify central apnea and obstructive apnea and effectively avoid ventilation discomfort caused by high pressure. 
  • Manual pressure titration - coordinate with the PSG monitor by doctors at sleep center, the clinical pressure titration can be successfully completed. 
  • Intelligent drying technology - after each use, AS-Dry technology will automatically dry the breathing tube and the mask to prevent bacteria from growing in wet environment so as to protect your health. 
  • Mask Testing - promptly correct the leakage from mask-wearing and ensure comfortable in ventilation. 

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