P Monitor CMS9000 & Nibp/Spo2/Temp/ECG


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  • 12.1" Screen, Colour TFT SCreen, waveform up to 8 channels. 
  • Light and portable with built-in rechargeable battery. 
  • Up to 10 kinds of monitor parameters. 
  • Arrhythmia analysis, pace marker detection and S-T Segmentanalysis. 
  • 72 Hour storage and review of trend grams and tables, 40 second review of olographic waveforms. 
  • Built-in recorder - optional. 
  • All-round monitor of adult, pediatric and neonatal. 
  • Electrosurgical unit and defibrillation protected. 


  • Display: Colour TFT Screen. 


  • Method: Oscillometry.
  • Operation Modes: Manual/Automatic/STAT
  • Measurement unit: mmGh/kPa selectable
  • Measurement types: Systolic, Diastolic, Mean
  • Measurement range: Adult 10-270mmHG
  • Overpressure protection: Yes 
  • Resolution: 1mmHg
  • Accuracy: Mean error and standard deviation per ANSI/AAMI SP-10
  • Alarm: Systolic, Diastolic, Mean 


  • Measurement range: 0-100%
  • Accuracy:±2 digit (70~100%) 0~69% unspecified
  • Alarm range: 0-100%

ECG: 5-lead or 3-lead selectable

  • Input: 5 lead: RA, LA, RL, LL, V or R, L, N, F, C
  • Lead selection: I, II, III avr, avl, avf, vx, CAL
  • Gain selection: 12.5mm/s, 25mm/s, 50mm/s
  • Accuracy:±1bpm or±1%, whichever is greater. 
  • Protection: Withstand 4000VAC/50Hz voltage in isolation against electrosurgical and defibrillation. 
  • Calibration Signal: 1mV±5%
  • Operation modes: Dianostic, Monitor, Surgery
  • Alarm range: 15-300bpm
  • Peadiatric/Neonatal: 15-350bpm
  • Alarm range: -2.0mV~2.0mV
  • S-T detection: Yes, Arrhythmia analysis: Yes
  • Alarm: Yes, audible and visual alarm, alarm events recallable. 


  • Method: RA-LL impedance
  • Peadiatric/Neonatal: 6-150rpm
  • Alarm range: 6-120rpm
  • Peadiatric/Neonatal: 6-150rpm
  • Apnea Alarm: Yes


  • Resolution: 0.1°C
  • Channel: Dual-channel
  • Alarm range: 0°-50°C



  • Measurement Mode: Side-stream or mainstream
  • Measurement range: EtC02: 0-99mmHg
  • Accuracy: CO2 concentration
  • Apnea Alarm: Yes


  • Method: Thermo-dilution
  • Measurement range: CO0.1-20Lit/min


  • Channel: 2 channels
  • Pressure transducer: Sensitivity: 5(mV/V/mmHg)
  • Transducer sites: ART, PA, CVP, RAP, LAP, ICP 
  • Alarm range: -10~ 300mmHG


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