Nebulizer Nebset - Adult

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  • Designed for changing liquid medicine into mist form or aerosol that can be inhaled through face mask.
  • Single patient use adult mask with nebulizer bottle and O2 tubing.
  • Material - aerosol mask and O2 tubing: PVC, Nebulizer bottle - Inner cone/bottle: Polystyrene: Cap: Polypropylene. Aerosol Mask: Adult size with head string, adjustable nose clip and aerosol connector. 
  • Nebulizer bottle: 6ml capacity, face mask connection: 18mmOD/O2 tubing connection: 6mmOD
  • O2 tubing: 7ft, anti crush interior, standard connectors. 
  • Operating temertature -  0°C~ 45°C
  • Storage Temperature - -20°C~ 45°C
  • Latex free, DEHP free, nebulizer in all positions from full vertical to full horizontal. 

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