Infusion Pump SP750

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The product is a volumetric infusion pump, features in high safety, easy operation and long life. Flow control with high accuracy and comprehensive alarm measures ensure patients safety and optimum therapeutic effect. 

  • Flow control with high accuracy ensures optimum therapeutic effect. 
  • Be compatible with most standard IV sets. 
  • New IV set provided by user can be calibrated by suppliers and infusion parameters can be input into the pump, which ensures accuracy. 
  • 2.8" TFT-LCD. 
  • Operate with keys. 'Residual infusion time can be displayed during infusing. 
  • With reminder function for starting infusion. 
  • Alarm for occlusion, air bubble, door open and motor failure, etc. 
  • Threshold for pressure alarm can be adjusted by medical personnel. 
  • Accompanying IV-set clamp prevents liquid flowing freely when the pump door opens accidentally. 
  • A.B.S - Anti Blous system prevents instantaneous high-dose injection from the sudden obstruction disappearing. 
  • Stop infusing automatically during alarm (except for "NEAR END", "KVO", and "LOW BATTERY" alarms). 
  • Power supply: AC/DC and built-in lithium battery. 
  • Infusion parameters can be saved after power off.

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