Feeding Pump KL-5021A

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  • Compact, portable and detachable.
  • Fluid warmer can effectively reduce Diarrhea.
  • 1-2000ml/h flow rate can satisfy almost all clinic use.
  • Pump sets to ensure higher accuracy.
  • Peristaltic pump ensures higher infusion accuracy. 
  • Purple pump and sets prevent misusing wit IV pumps and sets. 
  • Dual layer co-extrusion tubes use TOTM (DEHP free) as plasticizer. The inner layer doesn't contain colorant. The purple color of the outer layer can prevent misusing with IV sets. 
  • Compatible with various feeding pumps and liquid nutrition containers. 
  • Its internationally universal stepped connector can be used for various nasogastric feeding tubes. Its stepped design can prevent feeding tubes from accidently fitting into IV sets. 
  • It's Y-shaped connector is very convenient for feeding medicine and flushing tubes. 

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