Clarius Package, PA Scanner, HD3 - Stand Alone

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With a small footprint and deep imaging, the Clarius PA HD delivers a high-definition window into the chest and abdomen up to 40 cm. It’s the leading choice for medical professionals looking for premium cardiac imaging in an versatile handheld scanner also capable of FAST exams, superficial and transcranial imaging. Artificial intelligence, specialized presets and customizable workflows automatically optimize imaging for a seamless experience.



  • Frequency: 1-5 MHz
  • Max Depth: 40 cm
  • Clinical Applications:
    Abdominal, Cardiac, Lung, Vascular Access
  • High-Definition Ultrasound. 
  • Steadfast Wireless Connection. 
  • 3-Year Standard Warranty. 
  • Unlimited Users. 
  • 1-Hour Remote In-Service Training. 
  • M-Mode, Power Doppler, Color Doppler. 
  • Easy-To-Use App for iOS and Android. 
  • Specialized Scanners for Optimal Imaging.

Superior Image Quality 

  • High-quality images that are comparable to cart-based systems. 
  • Imaging setting are optimized based on scanning application. 
  • Optimal results from specialized scanners. 


Reliable Portability 

  • Wireless freedom: no cables to trip over or break, and less risk of infections during procedures. 
  • Stable connectivity from our proprietary multi-channel Wi-Fi architecture. 

Easy to Use 

  • Point-and Shoot Ultrasound technology removes the need to adjust knobs and switches. 
  • Artificial intelligence adjusts parameters in real-time.
  • Compact and waterproof device that feels like standard scanners. 
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