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With exceptional full-body imaging to 40 cm, the Clarius C3 VET HD3 multipurpose scanner is the leading choice for veterinary care for medium to large animals, like sheep and horses. Veterinarians love its wireless portability, ease of use, high-definition imaging, and ultra-affordability. Artificial intelligence, specialized animal presets and customizable workflows automatically optimize imaging with an easy-to-use app for your iOS or Android device.

    Quick Specs 

    • Frequency: 2–6 MHz
    • Max Depth: 40 cm
    Clinical Applications:
    • Medium and Large Animals

    Access additional training material on operating this product on the Clarius Online Training platform by following the links below:

     Ultrasound Demo 

    Discover how easy and affordable it is to add wireless handheld ultrasound to your vet practice to speed diagnosis for animals small, medium and large. Clarius brings high definition imaging with dedicated animal presents to your iOS or Android device so you can increase revenues with ultrasound billing while impressing clients with better animal care.

    An Image you can trust 

    Clarius HD produces the sharp and clear images you need to easily identify anatomy.

      Get the best image instantly 

      With built-in AI Assistance, the only adjustment you need to make is to set depth with a finger slide.

      Download the Clarius App now to try it in Demo Mode 

      Download the Clarius App in the App Store or Google Play Store

      Choose where to store and send exams from the Clarius App

      Send exams to any DICOM-compliant server*, or store exams on your phone. Every Clarius scanner also comes with free cloud storage and exam management.
      • Direct DICOM to Server (no cloud required). 
      • Device only. 
      • Clarius Cloud (optional). 
      *DICOM is a premium feature.
      Stay Cool and Scan Longer 
      Powered by a replaceable and rechargeable battery, Clarius HD lets you scan even when you don’t have a reliable source of power at hand. Although we know most of our users don’t scan for extended periods, we’ve installed a liquid cooling system in the new Clarius Scanner. It prevents overheating so you can scan continuously for up to 45 minutes when necessary.

      Ultrasound Telemedicine Made Simple 
      With Clarius Live, you can send a link to enable recipients to view your scan on whatever device they’re using.

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