Cinesteam® Odour-reducing Secondary Wound Dressing - Pack of 12


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Experience a breakthrough in wound care with Cinesteam®, the clinically proven solution for malodorous wounds. Our patented Cinesteam®dressings are specially designed to reduce odours, absorb excess fluid, and significantly improve the quality of life for patients, their families, and caregivers.

Developed in collaboration with wound- and healing management experts, these breathable and adaptable dressings feature an upper protective layer and a unique sachet filled with cinnamon powder for superior odour control from the first application.

Cinesteam® is not only comfortable but also compatible with any absorbent primary dressing, ensuring that it continues to work effectively, even when in contact with fluid.

Each pack contains:

12 individually wrapped Cinesteam® dressings.

Size: 11x19 cm

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