Bowie Dick Test Sheet


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A Bowie-Dick test is used in pre-vacuum type (ordynamic air removal) sterilizers.They are used to detect air leaks and inadequate airremoval and consist of folded 100% cotton surgical towels that are clean and preconditioned.A commercially available Bowie-Dick-typetest sheet should be placed in the center of the pack.The test pack should be placed horizontally in the front, bottom section of the sterilizer rack, near the door and over the drain, in anotherwise empty chamber and run at 134°C for 3.5 minutes.The test is used each day the vacuum-type steam sterilizer is used,beforethe first processed load.Air that is not removed from the chamber will interfere with steam contact.Smaller, commercially available disposable test packs (orprocess challenge devices) have been devised to replace the stack of folded surgical towels for testing the efficacy of the vacuumsystem in a pre vacuum sterilizer.They should be representative of the load and simulate the greatest challenge to the load.Sterilizer vacuum performance is acceptableif the sheet inside the test pack shows a uniform color change.Entrapped air will cause a spot to appear on the test sheet, due to theinability of the steam to reach the chemical indicator.If the sterilizerfails the Bowie-Dick test, do not use the sterilizer until it isinspected by the sterilizer maintenance personnel and passes the Bowie-Dick test.

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