Alcohol Tester Cheetah
Alcohol Tester Cheetah
Alcohol Tester Cheetah-1 wand type suitable for truck access control points

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Alcohol Tester Cheetah

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  • Cheetah 1 is a rapid breath alcohol analyzer for quick testing with the following features 
  • UK made electrochemical/ fue cell sensor with high reliability. 
  • Quick and precise analysis; 
  • Rapid and convenient, do not need mouthpieces; 
  • With traffic baton and flahlight illumation function
  • Large battery capacity, can do testing for 8 hours. 


Details Technical data 
Principle of measurement  Electrochemical Sensor, Alcohol-specific 
 Measurement Range  0-80mg/100ml BAC
Test Mode  For quick testing, automatic sampling
Way of Breathe sample extraction  Motor continuous air extraction, speed no less than 0.8L 
Temperature Range-Operation -5C-+45C
Temperature Range Storage  -30C-70C
Measuring Time  Adjustable (Minimum time: 1 second) 
Working Pressure  600-1400hPa 
Working Temperature  20-98%r.h.
Screen  OLED Digital Screen 
Battery  1 Rechargeable battery, 3.7V/3000mAh
Continuous working time  More than 8 hours 
Flashing Light  2 Lights of 3W 
Vibration Alarm  When the concentration exceed the set point value, device will give vibration alarm. 
Dimensions  L(324) mm X Outer Diameter (45) mm 
Weight  Approx. 231grams
  • Blowing distance 
  • Test concentration (mg/100ml) 
  • 20/40/150
Analyzing time  <5s
Clearing time  <10s
Measuring range  15-35, 35-65, >80