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Mindray DP-50 including Battery & PWMindray DP-50 Main Unit Only
Mindray DP-50 including Battery & PW
Sale priceR 69,960.25
Mindray DP-30 Main Unit OnlyMindray DP-30 Main Unit Only
Mindray DP-30 Main Unit Only
Sale priceR 59,446.38
DP-10 ProbesDP-10 Probes
DP-10 Probes
Sale priceFrom R 25,788.75
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Digital Baby Hanging Scale - MS4300Digital Baby Hanging Scale - MS4300
Scale MS4300
Sale priceR 886.30
Surgical Suction Flovac - Bottle 2L
Ultrasound 9618 Vet 6.5MHzUltrasound 9618 Vet 6.5MHz
Ultrasound 9618 Vet 6.5MHz
Sale priceR 50,661.40
Thermometer Digital PiccoloThermometer Digital Piccolo
Thermometer Digital Piccolo
Sale priceR 368.80
Surgical Suction Hand HeldSurgical Suction Hand Held
Surgical Suction Hand Held
Sale priceR 1,167.50
Surgical Suction Askir BR36 with battery back upSurgical Suction Askir BR36 with battery back up
Surgical Suction Askir 30C - mobile 2 bottlesSurgical Suction Askir 30C - mobile 2 bottles
Surgical Suction Askir 30Surgical Suction Askir 30
Surgical Suction Askir 30
Sale priceR 4,237.20
Surgical Suction Askir 230 with battery back up 12VSurgical Suction Askir 230 with battery back up 12V
Surgical Suction Askir 20Surgical Suction Askir 20
Surgical Suction Askir 20
Sale priceR 3,197.30
Surgical Suction Anand FootSurgical Suction Anand Foot
Surgical Suction Anand Foot
Sale priceR 2,401.30
Steth - Holder Belt TypeSteth - Holder Belt Type
Steth - Holder Belt Type
Sale priceR 7.10
Professional Teaching Stethoscope
Deluxe Pinard Stethoscope Fetal
Deluxe Dual Head Teaching
Deluxe Dual Head Teaching
Sale priceR 103.80

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