Syringes naked luer lock
Syringes naked luer lock

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Syringes naked luer lock

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  • Avcare luer lock tip syringe 3 part disposable
  • Manufactured form medical grade Polypropylene
  • Used to administer medication, draw blood or body fluids
  • Smooth flow
  • Transparent barrel
  • Calibrated according to size of syringe
  • Latex free
  • Pyrogenic free
  • Latex free ‘rubber’ on piston
  • Tip either concentric or excentric
  • Size: 3ml-50ml
  • Sterile in peel pouch
  • Pack size:
  • 3ml – 100’s;
  • 5ml -100’s;
  • 10ml – 100’s;
  • 20ml – 50’s