Syringe Driver SP500
Syringe Driver SP500
Syringe Driver SP500

Syringe Driver SP500

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All standard syringes of 10ml\ 20ml\ 50ml are compatible. The machine diagnoses the syringe size automatically, and with a simple syringe specification setting, the syringe pump can guarantee an accurate and safe injection.

  • Unique function of bedside injection supervision which makes patients and their relatives as well as nurses more assured.
  • Excellent injection function and operation. Even small-volume injection is accurate.
  • Double CPU system ensures safe and reliable injection process.
  • Driven by precision step motor, no pulsating waves shall occur during even low-rate injection.
  • Accurate and sensitive pressure sensor detects occlusion pressure accurately.
  • Alarms are given in case of malfunction or operation error and the machine stops operation automatically.


  • Feasible injection rate range:




  • Maximum power consumption: 25VA, running more than 5h after being fully charged.
  • Injection increment:0.1ml/h
  • Injection accuracy: ±3%
  • Bolus: The fastest rate of the size of syringe in use
  • Displayed information: Rate, accumulated injection volume, Syringe size Battery capacity, Bed No., AC power indicator, Battery charge indicator.
  • Accumulated injection volume:0-999.9ml
  • Alarm functions: Near, Over, OCCL, low battery, syringe installation error, control abnormal, machine malfunction.
  • Electrical safety: Comply with the requirement of GB9706.1-1995,EN60601-1and UL60601-1
  • EMC (Electromagnetic compatibility);Comply with the requirement EN60601-1-2,EN60601-2-24
  • Power supply:50/60Hz AC100V-240V
  • Maximum weight:<3.0kg