Mindray DP-30 Main Unit Only
Mindray DP-30 Main Unit Only
Mindray DP-30 Main Unit Only

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Mindray DP-30 Main Unit Only

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Breaking down the barrier between B/W and Doppler ultrasound diagnostic systems, DP-30 edition is an advanced system equipped with Power Doppler and PW Doppler, providing you more possibilities in various clinical applications. Full Screen LED monitor with up to 30 degree titling angle, two standard transducer connectors and built-in battery are designed for your everyday requirements. With advanced imaging technologies and wide range of transducers, the new DP-30 edition can accompany you at an all new level.


  • 12.1 inch high definition LED with full screen design.
  • 30 degree tilting angle adjustable monitor.
  • 2 universal transducer connectors.
  • User friendly control panel with backlit.
  • Light and compact design for extreme portability.


  • iScanHelper offers ultrasound tutorial for your practice.
  • iStorage for instant images and reports transfer to PC.
  • User-defined keys for programmable personalized operations.
  • 1.5h uninterrupted scanning with rechargeable battery.
  • 500GB hard disk for large patient data storage.


  • Power Doppler helps identify blood flow in different clinical conditions.
  • PW Doppler and Auto Trace reveal details of blood flow for more. comprehensive diagnosis.
  • Tissue Harmonic Imaging for enhanced contrast resolution.
  • iClear for Speckle Reduction Imaging, providing clear and sharp lesion contours.
  • iTouch for quick image optimization.
  • iZoom for instant full screen image zoom.

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