Juta's Counselling Handbook for Healthcare Professionals 1st Edition


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It is increasingly being recognised that providing healthcare professionals with sound clinical and medical knowledge is inadequate unless accompanied with training in basic communication and counselling skills. These generic skills do not apply only to particular situations, such as history taking and intake interviews. Rather, they can be utilised in a range of situations across the health services, to: improve communication with patients; help the health professional get across key messages to patients; enable health professionals to have a more empathic understanding of the emotional dimensions of many medical issues; improve patient adherence to medical regimens. Juta’s Counselling Handbook for Healthcare Professionals is a response to the need to help healthcare practitioners develop and apply counselling and communication skills. The handbook comprises three parts. The first section outlines some essential principles of communication that will be useful in most interactions between the health professional and thehealth catalogue 2006/07 physiology; psychia t r ic nursing & healthcare 39 patient. The second section describes basic generic principles of counselling. This sectionprovides counselling theory and practical examples of how to apply the principles in real situations. Hence the focus falls on the development and practice of skills. The section alsosuggests how to use counselling skills in brief interactions with patients (described as helping encounters). The third section describes the application of counselling skills to specific situations in a medical setting. Examples include how to talk to patients about treatment options, how togive a patient and family members bad news, and how to conduct genetic counselling for prospective parents.

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